Collection: Plant Life

Plant Life Records existed from 1977 until 1984.
Now resurected by Rolling Heads and showcasing some the best folk, world, Celtic and Jazz music from the 70's-90's to the current day.
It was formed by Nigel Pegrum, at that time drummer for Steeleye Span. Maddy Prior recorded one album for the label, as did Wizz Jones in 1977. Its most successful recordings were by The Tannahill Weavers and Blowzabella.
Most of the thirty or so albums were produced by Pegrum and seven were produced by Paul James. Late in its life, the label began issuing records under licence from other labels and was linked to the Burlington record label, which was also issued with the Plant Life logo on the later labels.



Brenda Wootton
Peasants All
Little Fish
Pol Bressan
The Celebrated Ratliffe Stout Band
Jake Walton
Peter Harrison
Concert Royal
Cambridge Silver Jubilee Youth Choir
Eric Bogle & John Munro
Jonathan Jones
Peter Harrison, John Treherne & Alastair Mitchell
Philip Astle, Paul Williamson
Steve Womack
The Dead Sea Surfers
John Cadman
The Medieval Players
Debby McClatchy
Chris Wilson & Tom Finucane
Jonathan Jones
Peter Please
Julie Mairs
Tansey's Fancy
London Pro Musica
Flash Company Inc
Graham & Eileen Pratt
The New Mexborough English Concertina Quartet
The Lute Group
Robin Williamson
The Cambridge Baroque Camerata
Roger Watson
Roger Watson & Debby McClatchy
Clive Palmer
Mike Heron and Lawson Dando
Incredible String Band
Malcolm Le Maistre
Blessed Rain
Songs of the Leaveners
Ensemble du Jardin
Les Penning
Cambridge Silver Jubilee Youth Choir
High Treason
The Occasional Few
Hot Vultures The Preacher's Blues
Nick Harper (Terra Nova Label)
Artisan (Terra Nova Label)
Arcadia Reach (Terra Nova Label)
Belshazzar's Feast (Terra Nova Label)