The Enid - Something Wicked This Way Comes  - Double CD

The Enid - Something Wicked This Way Comes - Double CD

Inner Sanctum
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The Enid had not released an album since 1979's Six Pieces. Since then Godfrey and Stewart had busied themselves running the studio they had set up at Beanside Lodge. According to Godfrey in a recent interview, Something Wicked...was written and composed in their spare time, between sessions for the likes of Kim Wilde and Mari Wilson. Both he and Stewart were becoming increasingly dissatisfied making music for others when they had unfulfilled ambitions of their own. To this end, and without label representation, they released this politically-charged masterstroke. Featuring vocals for the first time, the overall feel is far removed from the Lickerish-era Enid, though crucially without losing their identity, Something Wicked...was their most accessible album to date, and remains their biggest seller.

1. Raindown
2. Jessica
3. And Then There Were None
4. Evensong
5. Bright Star
6. Song for Europe
7. Something Wicked This Way Comes
8. Cathedralaise
9. Letter From America
10. Fool

Robert John Godfrey Keyboards, Vocals
Stephen Stewart Guitars, Bass Guitar, Vocals
Chris North Drums, Percussion

All the music on this album has been composed, performed and produced by Robert John Godfrey and Stephen Stewart

The lyrics were mainly written by Chris North with some help from Steve and Robert
Engineered by Stephen Stewart

Their fifth album, "Something Wicked This Way Comes", is released on their own label - for the first time featuring vocals. It far outsells its predecessors. The band played 156 shows in that year to promote it.